The Local Way Guides™ is a video series that aims to fulfill the needs of the traveler who is searching for the most “authentic” experience as seen through the eyes of a “local insider” when spending time in a city. The Local Way’s mission is to empower the curious traveler  to explore destinations more deeply and genuinely. Our engaging, fun, and entertaining travel series will allow our users to enjoy the city with ease, engage them with the destinations more thoroughly, as well as help them come to greater understanding of the people and places they visited.

Established in 2010, The Local Way, LLC is owned by RPP Productions, LLC. Founded by Amanda Rogers, Executive Manager and Owner of RPP Productions and The Local Way, LLC, and Stephen Mann, Director of Production of both RPP Productions and the Local Way, has been busy filming and editing its first series in Paris, Dublin, and New York City. The Local Way, LLC launched its first episodes online at (www.thelocalway.tv), in November, 2011. We are currently working on the development of a mobile application that is the fulfillment of the original idea of THE LOCAL WAY. In the meantime, we are looking for partners and collaborators as we continue to build the complete roster of LOCAL WAY GUIDE destination videos.

For more information about RPP Productions, the production company that has produced this series, please see our websiterppproductions.com, and for more videos by RPP, our vimeo site, www.vimeo.com/rpp.

For all inquiries, please email amanda@thelocalway.co

twitter: @the_local_way

Facebook: facebook.com/TheLocalWay

Youtube: youtube.com/TheLocalWayGuides

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