Caitlin Leffel is a native New Yorker who currently lives less than ten city blocks from the Union Square-area apartment in which she was raised. In between, she lived in Paris and London, attended college and grad school in small New England towns, lived for a short stint in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and spent one summer all the way up north in the Columbia University dorms. In 2004, Caitlin and Jacob teamed up to write The Best Things to do in New York: 1001 Ideas. They followed this with NYC: An Owner’s Manual in 2008, and completed an updated edition of The Best Things to Do in 2010. To prepare for a career of writing about New York, Caitlin studied French and European Studies at Amherst College and holds an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her essays and writing have appeared in The Southeast Review, Drunken Boat, Hunger Mountain, Vice Versa, Blackbook, and Mademoiselle. She’s also an editor at Rizzoli and writes the Chic Fatigue column for Frontier Psychiatrist (frontpsych.com). And yes, she really likes key lime pie.    



Jacob Lehman moved to New York City from London almost a decade ago. He was born in Syracuse in upstate New York, then grew up in London, and holds a MA in English Language and Literature from Oxford University. Since moving back to New York, Jacob has lived in big, cheap apartments in Brooklyn and, more recently, smaller and more expensive ones in downtown Manhattan. He has worked at various bars, bookstores, pubs, and publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and currently works as an editor for Rizzoli.

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